Always keep some leftover rice around. You never know when you'll need to throw a bunch of leftovers in a pan with it (and an egg or two) to call it fried rice.

I can't open the jar of pickles I made. This is why I can never have children.

It is too dang hot. On top of all the other ongoing tragedies, that's just too much.

Ended up refunding Redout 2 after realizing the game is impossibly difficult. I couldn't get past the boosting tutorial and I don't have the energy to master it for a tutorial. Loved the first game, so hopefully Redout 2 eventually improves, but definitely not for me.

Did not expect my career to lead me down the path of thinking, "I really wish I had Smalltalk- / Common Lisp-style core image dumping so I don't have to solve this problem myself," and yet here I am.

Work gave me edible glitter for the last christmas party, and I hadn't used any of it until today when I mixed it into a pink-colored drink out of curiosity. I understand why people like edible glitter now, although some of it is still on my hands from opening the bottle.

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When I was 12 I would randomly install funny plugins on the family iMac so like the error sound was nelson from the simpsons going ha-ha and whenever you booted it up on Thursday it would play a "I never could get the hang of Thursdays" clip from the hitchhiker's guide radio show at max volume and scare the fuck out of everyone

There was a bunny under my porch steps today. I guess I should share that.

I'm so sorry.

What is wrong with me that I'm still on this site...

Someone new to the internet, visiting a vtuber stream: golly, all this talk about yowie hands and yowie ships like they got thumb-seeking hammers, I hope they have bandaids around

If any company out there uses Integrity Power Search for recruiting, I just hope you know their emails routinely get marked as spam. After reading one of them, I know why they're marked as spam, so their domain is also blocked on my side.

You can probably do better than that.

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Finally domain-blocked an entire recruiting company for being awful.

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you all seem to like void! just so you know, I usually draw him doing what people suggests me :D
what should void be doing? ♥ #MastoArt #art #mastodon

Correction on phrasing: Maybe you'd think they know something you don't and you implement exactly that.

Writing is hard and my brain inverted actors in this. I think the point gets across, but correction nonetheless.

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I don't have a good way around this except to just try to always be helpful without assuming someone knows everything you do. That's not easy, it's frankly frustrating because you can end up explaining things you didn't know you thought were obvious. It's easy to convince yourself over time that there's some minimum level of knowledge everyone must have, but it'll never be true. If you're tired or burnt out, it can be even more exhausting. Still, better to try to be aware of all this than not.

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Another thing I want to make a point of: programming is full of things that are unintuitive, non-obvious, and hard. Combine that with weird power dynamics that many aren't even thinking about and you can also get cases like this. If a more senior programmer handed you `rand() -> 4.` and you're not entirely familiar with what's going on, are you going to disagree with them? Maybe they'd think you know something they don't and implement exactly that.

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Actually fixing this wasn't very interesting, by the way. It stood out in the code after we dug through it. It only showed up much later, which was the unfortunate thing.
I forget why code review didn't catch it on the team that wrote it, but we were pretty much in crunch the entire time. It's very likely that things got glossed over, or reviews were skipped entirely.

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