Probably against my better judgment, not that I've ever paid any attention to that, I adopted another cat. This is Zorya, she's a little over 2 years old and very insistent on sleeping on my chest regardless of orientation.

Got Gear Ruler +1 in the splatfest. I think that's enough Splatoon for today, probably a good time to figure out dinner.

write code like it's plastic and the ocean is full

Aerospray players are the goblins of Splatoon 3.

The random urge to talk about boring programmer things like text editors is strong.

I have been reminded of the time, at a previous job, a coworker's drunk wife harassed me at two separate work Christmas parties because I didn't want to dance with her. Decided not to go to any Christmas parties after that.

Time to try to purge those memories again.

*doesn't seem to work when pulling library images

Don't type and prepare dinner at the same time. Or do, but not with a knife.

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It turns out's pass-based credential store, as used by Docker Desktop on Linux, doesn't seem to pull library images and this seems to only affect buildkit. Not sure what's up with it, gave up debugging.

Anyway, I rewrote it to use age and that fixed all my build errors.

Time to do some Twitter-following-list cleaning. Nobody's said anything bad, so don't worry if I stop following you or anyone else. Just feels like the number's a little too high for me to keep track of who I follow now.

Maybe I just missed this happening, but I don't open the Twitter app on iOS much so forgive me: Twitter now plays ads on videos you upload. Have fun with that, I guess, and I go back to not using the iOS Twitter app.

Always a good thing when a former employer shows up in the news for reprehensible behavior.

Always keep some leftover rice around. You never know when you'll need to throw a bunch of leftovers in a pan with it (and an egg or two) to call it fried rice.

I can't open the jar of pickles I made. This is why I can never have children.

It is too dang hot. On top of all the other ongoing tragedies, that's just too much.

Ended up refunding Redout 2 after realizing the game is impossibly difficult. I couldn't get past the boosting tutorial and I don't have the energy to master it for a tutorial. Loved the first game, so hopefully Redout 2 eventually improves, but definitely not for me.

Did not expect my career to lead me down the path of thinking, "I really wish I had Smalltalk- / Common Lisp-style core image dumping so I don't have to solve this problem myself," and yet here I am.

Work gave me edible glitter for the last christmas party, and I hadn't used any of it until today when I mixed it into a pink-colored drink out of curiosity. I understand why people like edible glitter now, although some of it is still on my hands from opening the bottle.

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