After a year or more, I finally got around to rebuilding my home Kubernetes cluster. Tooling's gotten a lot better in that short of at ime.

Now using Talos Linux for the Kubernetes bits because I only have so much sanity to spare. It's been nice -- throw the ISO in Proxmox, load it up, configure it via API, and then bootstrap once at least the control plane is ready to go.

Threw Harbor, ExternalDNS, Tailscale, and cert-manager in and things are all playing nice.


Can set up a service and it'll have almost-automatic DNS and TLS -- close to the sort of ideal. With MetalLB, I can also make things like the nginx ingress available to my home network, and Tailscale makes that available to me everywhere.

The only caveat is that it's not internet outage-proof, but since I can replicate my external DNS names into my local DNS servers, it's still pretty good.

At any rate, it's nice to have a place to experiment with things again.

And now have a small NFS server set up to support the fairly limited storage needs I have. The NFS server, like Harbor, is set up as a VM separate from the cluster just to ensure that it can boot ahead of the cluster. Harbor still has some trouble when it comes to booting cleanly, but I'm less concerned about image pull errors than I am with volume storage being unavailable.

That's probably it for the night.

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