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if there's a .moe tld, where are the .larry and .curly tlds ?

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I let my child watch 30 seconds of tv per day. "Father, may we witness the illusions?" they ask me.

Maybe upgrading curse a whole bunch wasn't the best idea while I'm trying to get everything unlocked again.

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Almost gotten my save back to where it was in Vampire Survivors. Beta releases and OS hopping kept rolling it back to whatever Steam had, so I'd get a ways in, switch to another OS, and lose my progress.

what if github reimplements the social stuff they originally launched with to compete with twitter hashtag birdtakes

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if ur new here:

-follow and unfollow liberally
-add shit (bio, pic, pronouns, stuff) to ur profile or people will not accept ur follow requests
-hashtags are neat, but please use #CamelCase so screen readers can read them
-use emojis and art via symbols minimally or behind a CW for screen readers
-use CW liberally for anything triggering or just bc its a long post
-caption ur images pls
-read your instances rules and report things that break them
-pls dont censor words with * bc filters

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Currently very difficult to follow anyone on Hopefully things settle down enough.

The two hardest-working cats, making sure I always have bed sheets to clean. Mostly Tater. Finn is just shadowing him.

Made shrimp alfredo tonight. Feel like it turned out pretty well -- probably the first time I've had three pans going at the same time (shrimp, pasta, and vegetables -- vegetables not pictured because they're just frozen veggies).

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taking a fire axe to the side of an idling 18-wheeler to access the luscious truckmeat within

Of course Finn and Tater would choose to sleep on the side of the bed I use. I look forward to the looks of sheer disdain I receive for moving them over so I can sleep.

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I'm a barbie frog
On a barbie loooog
I'm amphibian
Thanks a million

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your eevee has evolved! it is now: 

bullion, the soup stock pokemon

Installing Mastodon on Debian 11 may not have been the best idea since it seems to be partially unsupported. Does at least look like it's working, but the initial deployment wasn't using jemalloc (which was probably fine, to be honest, but not recommended).

At least the only thing it seems to require is preloading jemalloc (so, LD_PRELOAD on all the Ruby systemd services). Could be worse.

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Might as well throw a photo of Qwerty shredding a paper towel up here.

big trash haus

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