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Someone new to the internet, visiting a vtuber stream: golly, all this talk about yowie hands and yowie ships like they got thumb-seeking hammers, I hope they have bandaids around

If any company out there uses Integrity Power Search for recruiting, I just hope you know their emails routinely get marked as spam. After reading one of them, I know why they're marked as spam, so their domain is also blocked on my side.

You can probably do better than that.

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Finally domain-blocked an entire recruiting company for being awful.

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you all seem to like void! just so you know, I usually draw him doing what people suggests me :D
what should void be doing? ♥ #MastoArt #art #mastodon

Correction on phrasing: Maybe you'd think they know something you don't and you implement exactly that.

Writing is hard and my brain inverted actors in this. I think the point gets across, but correction nonetheless.

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I don't have a good way around this except to just try to always be helpful without assuming someone knows everything you do. That's not easy, it's frankly frustrating because you can end up explaining things you didn't know you thought were obvious. It's easy to convince yourself over time that there's some minimum level of knowledge everyone must have, but it'll never be true. If you're tired or burnt out, it can be even more exhausting. Still, better to try to be aware of all this than not.

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Another thing I want to make a point of: programming is full of things that are unintuitive, non-obvious, and hard. Combine that with weird power dynamics that many aren't even thinking about and you can also get cases like this. If a more senior programmer handed you `rand() -> 4.` and you're not entirely familiar with what's going on, are you going to disagree with them? Maybe they'd think you know something they don't and implement exactly that.

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Actually fixing this wasn't very interesting, by the way. It stood out in the code after we dug through it. It only showed up much later, which was the unfortunate thing.
I forget why code review didn't catch it on the team that wrote it, but we were pretty much in crunch the entire time. It's very likely that things got glossed over, or reviews were skipped entirely.

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Old thought: I once handed someone an example function that was basically `rand() -> 4.` (thanks, xkcd) and that made its way into production. Later, because we always had that value of 4, we'd end up with collisions during high-traffic time windows. I was a little surprised by this, but my take-away is straight forward: don't use joke examples. Folks will use them, and you'll only find out later. It only works if you're both aware of the joke – something you can't assume. Just don't do it.

Idaho politics 

Local republican mailings have started. Pretty much every other day I get some sort of mailer for a republican saying how they're tougher than the last person, how the last person is a liberal in disguise, etc. It's just a race to the bottom for the boot-lickers and fascists at this point -- they're so busy back-stabbing up here, without another party to challenge them, that they don't really bother opposing anyone but themselves.

I should play through the old Quest for Glory games again. Those were always fun, and I don't think I ever finished playing all of them as a wizard. Might be hard to get Quest for Glory 5 running though -- not sure how well that'll work.

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Something to consider when posting hashtags:

For people using screen readers, they know when to separate words either by spaces, or uppercase letters. 'mastoart' will try to be pronounced as one word, whereas 'MastoArt' will be pronounced as 'Masto Art'. It just makes life a little bit easier for those who rely on screen readers to interact with the fediverse :bear_hugs:

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STOP TRYING TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF DEBATE ONLINE. no right-thinking person goes onto online to find strangers to "debate" with. real people, ordinary, decent people, have only come online to view gifs of skeletons fucking

Since this isn't well known, the law here requires that if you step foot outside, you must

1. keep watch for the first moose of the day
2. fight it on sight

You may conduct your business before and after the fight, regardless of victory.

And now have a small NFS server set up to support the fairly limited storage needs I have. The NFS server, like Harbor, is set up as a VM separate from the cluster just to ensure that it can boot ahead of the cluster. Harbor still has some trouble when it comes to booting cleanly, but I'm less concerned about image pull errors than I am with volume storage being unavailable.

That's probably it for the night.

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Can set up a service and it'll have almost-automatic DNS and TLS -- close to the sort of ideal. With MetalLB, I can also make things like the nginx ingress available to my home network, and Tailscale makes that available to me everywhere.

The only caveat is that it's not internet outage-proof, but since I can replicate my external DNS names into my local DNS servers, it's still pretty good.

At any rate, it's nice to have a place to experiment with things again.

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After a year or more, I finally got around to rebuilding my home Kubernetes cluster. Tooling's gotten a lot better in that short of at ime.

Now using Talos Linux for the Kubernetes bits because I only have so much sanity to spare. It's been nice -- throw the ISO in Proxmox, load it up, configure it via API, and then bootstrap once at least the control plane is ready to go.

Threw Harbor, ExternalDNS, Tailscale, and cert-manager in and things are all playing nice.

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